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33 Day Kilimanjaro to Cape  Town Tour


33 Days

Epic Adventure Through 6 African Countries

South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi and Tanzania 

At a Glance

Dates: 01 July- 03 August 2024 | July 2025

Start: Cape Town, South Africa End: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Mileage: +-8,000km

Countries: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania

Daily Distance

Daily Distance: 200- 660 km (Avg of 500km)

Road Surfaces: 95% Tar, 5% Good hard packed Gravel

Rest Day: 21 Riding days, 11 Rest/Safari days

Difficulty: Intermediate

Petrol: Not Included

Accomodation: 3-4 Star Lodges, Hotels, Bungalows

33 Day Tour: This tour from Kilimanjaro to Cape Town is set to be an amazing adventure!

This epic adventure tour will take you on an 8,100km ride from Kilimanjaro all the way to Cape Town at the Southern Most Tip of Africa- Along the way you will ride through 6 African Countries including:  Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa .

Route Summary

The tour starts off with  a magical Island stay on the Spice Island of  Zanzibar, we then ride the foothills of Kilimanjaro, enjoy a 3 Day Safari into Ngorogoro, and Serengeti National Parks, and ride down through the eastern highlands of Tanzania all the way to Lake Malawi.

After Exploring the Lake from North to South we visit South Luangwa National Park in Zambia to see the elusive leopard in the wild, then marvel at the breathtaking Victoria Falls and cruise down the Chobe River on a Big 5 Safari,.

Next up we travel through Namibia’s Caprivi strip, Canoe on the Okavango and enjoy a  safari into Etosha National Parl. We play in the magnificent sand dunes of the Namib desert in Swakopmund and ride all the way to Fish River Canyon, the 3rd Largest Canyon in the world!

Back in South Africa we ride all the way to the Southern Most tip of Africa at Cape Agulhas and enjoy over 200 km’s of breathtaking sea cliff roads all the way into Cape Town.

This is the Ultimate Motorcycle adventure3

29 July
Day 0
Arrive in Zanzibar, Tanzania
30 July
Day 1
Zanzibar Relax Day
31 July
Day 2
Tour of Stone town and flight to Kilimanjaro
01 Aug
Day 3
Kilimanjaro to Karatu
02 Aug
Day 4
Safari into Ngorongoro and Serengeti
03 Aug
Day 5
Safari into Ngorongoro and Serengeti
04 Aug
Day 6
Serengeti to Karatu
05 Aug
Day 7
Karatu to Dodoma
06 Aug
Day 8
Dodoma to Iringa
07 Aug
Day 9
Iringa to Mbeya
08 Aug
Day 10
Mbeya to Korongo, Malawi
09 Aug
Day 11
Korongo to Ngala, Lake Malawi
10 Aug
Day 12
Rest Day Ngala and Village Tour
11 Aug
Day 13
Ngala to Chipata, Zambia
12 Aug
Day 14
Chipata to South Luangwa Park, Sunset Safari
13 Aug
Day 15
Morning Safari, followed by return Chipata
14 Aug
Day 16
Chipata to Lusaka
15 Aug
Day 17
Lusaka to Victoria Falls, Livingstone
16 Aug
Day 18
Victoria Falls Rest Day and Helicopter flip
17 Aug
Day 19
Victoria Falls to Chobe, Botswana
18 Aug
Day 20
Chobe to Okavango Panhandle, Namibia
19 Aug
Day 21
Rest Day and Canoe Safari on the Kavango
20 Aug
Day 22
Okavango to Etosha National Park
21 Aug
Day 23
Rest Day and Safari into Etosha National Park
22 Aug
Day 24
Etosha to Swakopmund
23 Aug
Day 25
Swakopmund Rest Day and Desert adventure
24 Aug
Day 26
Swakopmund to Lake Oanob
25 Aug
Day 27
Lake Oanob to Fish River Canyon
26 Aug
Day 28
Rest Day Fish River Canyon
27 Aug
Day 29
Fish River Canyon to Springbok, South Africa
28 Aug
Day 30
Springbox to Cederberg
29 Aug
Day 31
Cederberg to Cape Agulhas
30 Aug
Day 32
Cape Agulhas- Cape Point- Cape Town
31 Aug
Day 33
End of Tour

Day 0- Arrive in Zanzibar
Welcome to Tanzania. You can arrive at the Zanzibar International Airport at any time today as the official start of the tour is only the next day. A representative from Sama Tours will be waiting at the airport to take you to your hotel in the North of Zanzibar. Relax and enjoy the colorful culture and white sandy beaches of the “Spice Island”

Welcome to Paradise

Day 01- Welcome Dinner and Beach day
Highlights: Relaxation in Zanzibar
We believe that the best way to get over jet lag and a long haul flight is to relax in paradise. Today you are free to do just that. Why not book yourself a spa treatment or just relax on a sun lounger, drink in hand with beautiful ocean views? For the more energetic there are lots of optional activities on offer including Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Village tours or Motorcycle rental, and more. Tonight you will meet your fellow bike travelers at our official Welcome Dinner (Meals Included: B,D)

Zanzibar is a tropical paradise with world-class diving

Day 2- Tour of Stone Town and Flight to Kilimanjaro
Highlights: Stone Town Tour
This morning we are up bright and early to make our way to Stone Town. We enjoy a tour through the narrow winding streets of Zanzibar’s capital, taking the time to visit the spice markets and learn about Zanzibar’s history. If time allows we will enjoy a rooftop Lunch, before boarding a flight to Kilimanjaro. Look out for views of the highest mountain in AFRICA as our plane lands in Arusha. (B,L,D)

Enjoy a tour of the Exotic Stone Town

Day 3- Arusha to Karatu (+- 250km)
Highlights: Tanzanian Safari Circuit
Today is our first day on the motorcycles. After an early breakfast and a short orientation, we depart for Karatu, right in the heart of Tanzania's Safari Circuit. Karatu is situated on the edge of Ngorongoro Crater and surrounded by National Parks and Wildlife. We enjoy a night in a wonderful African Lodge as we prepare for our up-coming Safari  (Meals Included: B, L, D )

Only 8,500km to go to Cape Town

Day 4 – Safari into Serengeti and Ngorogoro (0-250km)
Highlights: Africa’s Best Wildlife experience
Today we are up bright and early to start our 3 day/2 Night Safari into the spectacular Serengeti and Ngorongoro National Parks. The Serengeti is world-renowned for its large lion population and its one of the best places in Africa to view a pride of Lion in the wild. Approximately 70 large mammal and 500 bird species are found here. There are several diverse habitats, including riverine forests, swamps, kopjes, grasslands, and woodlands. Blue wildebeests, gazelles, zebras, and buffalos are some of the commonly found large mammals in the region. Tonight, we sleep in a luxurious camp in the middle of the wild plains- fall asleep to the sound of lions roaring in the distance. (B,L,D)

Prepare yourself for an amazing East African Safari

Day 5 – Safari into Serengeti and Ngorogoro (DAY 2)
Highlights: Wildlife and Masai Village visit

Up with the sun, we once again have a full day to explore the wild plains of the Serengeti. Mid-morning we arrive back at Camp to have a delicious “Bush” brunch. Today we visit a traditional Masai homestead to see how the indigenous people of the Serengeti live in harmony with the wild animals who share their land. You will get to meet the locals and see their fascinating Jumping Dance. In the late afternoon we will venture out of camp again to enjoy another Game Drive to see nocturnal animals in their natural Habitat. (B,L,D)

Meet the Masai

Day 6– Safari into Serengeti and Ngorogoro (Day 3)
Highlights: Ngorongoro Crater

Today is a major highlight of the Safari as we drive down into Ngorongoro Crater. This caldera is 610 meters deep and its floor covers 260 square kilometers. 25,000 large mammals live within this crater, making for unbelievable wildlife viewing in a confined area. After an amazing morning of wildlife viewing, we head back to our lodge, where our motorcycles are waiting for the next leg of this exciting motorcycle adventure! (B,L,D)

A friendly elephant comes to say hello

Day 7 Karatu to Dodoma (+-410km)
Highlights: Riding Tanzania
Today we ride South to Tanzania’s official capital city- Dodoma. Our hotel is situated in the midst of the hustle and bustle- a welcome oasis with a pool, bar, and restaurant (B, L, D)

Local Masai in Tanzania

Day 8 Dodoma to Iringa (+-266km)
Highlights: Scenic Mountain passes

Today’s ride is very scenic and as we ride up and over several beautiful mountain ranges and enjoy the scenery of rural Tanzania. In the early afternoon we will arrive at the “Old Farm House” this is an Iconic stop on the African overland route. We spend the night on a working farm that is run by a local family who will amaze you with their hospitality and home-cooked food. (B,L,D)

Southern Highlands in Tanzania

Day 9  Iringa to Mbeya Coffee Farm (+- 162km)
Highlights: Mbeya Coffee Farm

Today we travel further South through to the edge of the Great East African Rift Valley, where we spend the night on a working coffee farm! Here the farm comes alive in June and July when it is harvesting time.  We will arrive in the late afternoon- but there should still be time to enjoy a coffee tour and taste the Untengule coffee. (B,L,D)


Day 10- Mbeya to Koronga, Malawi (+- 500 km)
Highlights: Lake Malawi

After an early breakfast, we ride way down through the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and into Malawi where we will get our first glimpse of Lake Malawi- “The Lake of Stars” the third largest lake in Africa and the eighth largest lake in the world. The tropical waters are reportedly the habitat of more species of fish than those of any other body of fresh water on Earth, making it a top diver location. Tonight we spend our first night in Malawi right on the Lakeshore with views of the beautiful Azure waters (Meals Included B, L, D)

Lake Malawi Fisherman getting ready for some night fishing

Day 11- Koronga to Ngala Beach Resort (+- 300 km)
Highlights: Lake Malawi

Today we enjoy more riding through Malawi as we head south along the lake to Ngala Beach. There are bicycles everywhere and you will see the friendly Malawian people going about their daily lives, selling fresh produce at the market, and displaying their daily catch. You will see thousands of kids walking to school. We should arrive early and you can spend the afternoon enjoying lake activities- take out a paddle ski for free, play a game of beach volleyball, enjoy the local birdlife or enjoy a lake swim/ cruise on the Temba Tumba  (Meals Included B, L, D)

Ngala Beach Lodge

Day 12- Rest Day Ngala (+- 0-50 km)
Highlights: Lake Malawi

Enjoy a rest day on the shores of this beautiful lake. There are many water-based activities to partake in, including diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, or a day trip on an African Sail Boat (dhow.) There is also fishing available, or you could buy a Chambo fish, (unique to the lake) and get the Chef at our lodge to barbeque it for you…YUM!  During the day we also go on a tour of the local fishing village, an eye-opening experience. This truly is a magical place! (Meals included: B, D)

Lake Malawi- the Lake of stars!

Day 13- Ngala to South Luangwa National Park, Zambia (+-500km)
Highlights: Welcome to Zambia

Today we make our way into Zambia and up to: South Luangwa National Park- an icon in Zambia. We sleep at a wildlife camp on the banks of the Luangwa River in Zambia. South Luangwa National Park is a world-famous safari destination and offers some of the best wildlife viewings in Africa!  Our Lodge is situated right in the wild and we often have elephants walking right through the camp! (B,L,D)

South Luangwa National Park

Day 14- Rest Day and Safari Luangwa National Park
Highlights: Incredible Wildlife at Luangwa

We have the whole day free to relax and enjoy this unique African wilderness. We enjoy an early morning game safari or game walk into South Luangwa Park. Luangwa has a very dense population of Leopards. With one leopard per 4km squared, your chances of seeing this elusive wild cat are really good!  Back at the lodge, we have the rest of the day free to relax. In the late afternoon, there is another optional safari into the park   (B, L, D)

South Luangwa has the highest concentration of Leopards in Africa

Day 15- South Luangwa to Chipata (+-136km)
Highlights: Wildlife Safari
We don't have far to ride today so we enjoy leisurely breakfast before making our way through the Zambian countryside to Chipata. Enjoy meeting the local Zambians as they travel along the route on their trusty bicycles. We often stop here to give out soccer balls to the local kids who absolutely love seeing the motorcycles (B,L,D)

Local Zambians

Day 16- Chipata to Lusaka (+- 575 km)
Highlights: Riding Zambia

We are officially halfway through the tour. You will already have seen so much, with even more to look forward too. We depart Chipata early and ride through Zambia to our lodge for the night which is situated in Zambia’s buzzing metropolis and capital city, Lusaka.  (Meals included: B,L,D)

Ox Wagon Zambia

Day 17- Lusaka to Victoria Falls, Livingstone (+- 478 km)
Highlights: Victoria Falls

Today is a major highlight of the trip. It is a long ride through Zambia- but at the end of the day you will be rewarded with views of the awe-Inspiring Victoria Falls (Known to locals as “the Smoke the Thunders”) In the late afternoon we will arrive at our resort hotel, located right on the edge of the Falls. If we arrive early enough you can enjoy a stroll along the pathways surrounding the falls, sharing the amazing views of tumbling water with inquisitive baboons playing in the spray from the falls (Meals included: B, L, D)

Victoria Falls- the Smoke that Thunders!

Day 18- Rest Day Victoria Falls
Highlights: Victoria Falls Rest Day, Helicopter Flight

You have the whole day free to enjoy all the activities that Victoria Falls has on offer. Included in the tour is a Helicopter flight over the falls (This is known as The Flight of Angels and is the best way to see the Falls). Other optional activities include: canoeing down the Zambezi, riding elephants, or enjoying river rafting on the mighty Zambezi. There are also tours available where you can swim either above or below the tumbling waters of the falls! (Meals: B, D)

The Flight of Angels- included in Tour Price

Day 19- Victoria Falls to Chobe National Park (+- 100 km)
Highlights: Sunset Boat Safari in Chobe National Park

It is a short ride from Zambia into Botswana where we will get to Chobe National Park in the early afternoon. Our Luxury African Lodge is situated right on the Chobe River. This afternoon we embark on a Boat Safari- this is the only place in the world where you can enjoy a BIG 5 Safari by boat. On the boat cruise, you will literally see 1000’s of elephants playing in the reeds and mud pools. If you are lucky you might even see Elephants swimming across the river. Hippos and crocodiles are also an exciting sighting- get your cameras ready (Meals included: B, L, D)

Big 5 Boat Safari on the Chobe River

Day 20: Chobe to Okavango Delta, Namibia (+- 520 km)
Highlights: Caprivi Strip, Okavango Delta
Today we make our way into Namibia. The border crossing between Botswana and Namibia is a breeze- We enter Namibia’s Caprivi Strip, a long narrow strip at the top of the country. As we drive along this beautiful road you will be able to view African homesteads and lush African bush. Here, life is simple and sweet. Our lodge for the next two nights is situated on the Okavango River right on the panhandle of the delta. The area is a paradise of flooded plains and swamps, teeming with wildlife. Relax on the deck overlooking the river and enjoy an unforgettable African Sunset while being serenaded by Hippos and African Fish Eagles. (B, L, D)

Sunset over the Okavango Panhandle

Day 21: Okavango Rest Day (+- 0-50 km)
Highlights: Okavango Mokoro Trip (African Canoe)
We have the entire day free to relax and enjoy the beautiful river setting. This afternoon we get into Mokorokoros (African Canoes) and explore the Okavango river in search of hippos and crocodiles. Lunch today is on a private river island where we enjoy a Beach BBQ and a rock pool swim before returning back to our lodge as the sun is setting (B, L, D)

Mokorokoro trip down the Okavango Panhandle

Day 22 Okavango Delta to Etosha National Park (620km)
Highlights: Rural Namibia, Etosha National Park
Today is a lovely ride through the Namibian countryside- watch out for elephants and other wildlife! In the late afternoon we will arrive at Etosha National Park- This national Park is based around a large salt pan. It is a dessert full of salt, but the wildlife still flourishes despite the harsh conditions and the park is world renowned for its amazing game viewing opportunities. We book into a lovely resort for the next two days where you can do as much or as little possible. You may enjoy an optional game drive into the park, play a game of tennis, visit the local reptile park or relax at the African Spa on the property. (B,L)

 Watch out for Elephants on the Caprivi Strip

Day 23: Rest Day Etosha National Park  (0-50km)
Highlights: Etosha Wildlife
Today we swap our motorcycles for a 4 wheel drive safari vehicle and make our way into the Etosha pan game reserve for a half day Safari (Included in the tour price). Unlike many other game reserves where you can spend long days looking for animals without any success, this game reserve is famous for its plentiful sightings of wildlife. The Etosha pan makes for a well-deserved oasis in the middle of the desert and animals flock to the water… (B

A busy waterhole in Etosha

Day 24: Etosha to Swakopmund (+- 600 km)
Highlights: Golden sand dunes of Namibia
After a delicious breakfast, we make our way down through Namibia, watching in amazement as semi-arid desert, becomes fully arid desert and then transforms into full-blown sand dunes towering into the horizon. In the late afternoon, we arrive at Swakopmund on the Skeleton Coast,  famous for its great waves, beautiful sand dunes, and German hospitality- our home for the next two nights… (B,L)

Sand dunes of Namibia

Day 25: Rest day Swakopmund (+- 0-50km)
Highlights: Skeleton Coast, Quad Biking in the Sand Dunes
Swakopmund is based at the tip of the world-famous Skeleton Coast and is the adventure capital of Namibia. This afternoon we take a ride to the famous Dune 45 where we swop our motorcycles for quad bikes and enjoy a roller coaster ride through the incredible sand dunes of the Namib Desert. You will have the rest of the day free to relax or take part in any of the other optional activities on offer- ride to see a shipwreck on the Skeleton Coast, kayak with seals in Walvis Bay or visit the Flamingo lagoon. If you are looking for more of a relaxing time then you can enjoy the beach just meters from our hotel, or explore the wonderful German culture of the town. Tonight we enjoy amazing seafood (B)

Quadbiking in Swakopmund

Day 26: Swakopmund to Lake Oanob (+-450 km)
Highlights: Private game reserve, Lake Oanob
Riding down through Namibia,  we make our way to Lake Oanob. EN ROUTE We will pass through Windhoek- the Capital of Namibia. Our Lodge for the evening is built on the banks of the very scenic Oanob Dam. Majestic mountains are set on fire by spectacular sunsets. From your patio, you can see the reflections of the moon and stars on the lake. 6 200 ha of unspoiled nature provides the perfect haven for an abundance of free-roaming game. Relax and unwind in this beautiful setting (B,L)

Lake Oanob

Day 27: Lake Oanob to Fish River Canyon (+- 570 km)
Highlights: Fish River Canyon
Making our way down south, we ride on beautiful hard-packed gravel roads that will take us into the heart of the Gondwana Canyon Nature Reserve. Look out for  Quiver trees, Sprinkbok, Gemsbok, Hartebeest, Ostrich and Mountain Zebra. In the late afternoon, the mountains light up to a blazing red as we arrive at the famous Canyon Lodge. This whole resort is built in between rocky boulders, an oasis in the middle of the hostile desert. Welcome to the wild west! (B,L,D)

Godwana Canyon National Park

Day 28: Fish River Canyon Rest Day (0-70 km)
Highlights: Ride to see 3rd largest CANYON on earth
Today we enjoy a rest day in the Canyon National Park- an incredible landscape to explore. This morning we will take a ride to the Canyon view site. This is the 3rd largest Canyon in the world (160km long) and the views will take your breath away! Back at the lodge enjoy the beautiful rock pool and sundowner drinks up on the hill amongst the boulders.  Optional Activities include walks, 4x4 drives and horse rides through this magical landscape.  (B,D)

Fish River Canyon: 3rd Largest in the world

Day 29: Fish River Canyon to Springbok (+- 350 km)
Highlights: Magical Namaqualand, Star Gazing
Time to head back into South Africa- we make our way through Namaqualand- an area made famous by its wild flowers that bloom into a whirlwind of color during the springtime each year! Springbok is known for its peace and tranquility- tonight we will be staying at a Lodge- where you are guaranteed to “Find the magic in Namaqualand….” Because Springbok is literally in the middle of nowhere, the stargazing is phenomenal, so relax and enjoy the constellations! (B,L)

Magical Namaqualand

Day 30: Springbok to Citrusdal (+- 400 km)
Highlights: Hot Water Springs, Riding the Northern Cape
Today we make our way through the Northern Cape to the lush green farm valleys of Citrusdal. Tonight we sleep at a famous hot water spring resort situated on a citrus farm. Relax your "motorcycle riding muscles" in one of the hot water pools or mineral baths on the property that are filled by hot water springs with a temperature of 43 Degrees Celcius... Bliss! (B,L)

Time to soak those motorcycle riding muscles

Day 31: Citrusdal to Cape Agulhas
Highlights: Southern Most Tip of Africa (+-330km)
Today we make our way to the southern Most tip of Africa at Cape Agulhas. This is the point where the Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet. There is always a party at Cape Agulhas, as we celebrate reaching the most southern point of Africa! There are great photo opportunities at the Southern most tip. (B,L, D)

Cape Agulhas- the end of Africa

Day 32 Cape Agulhas- Cape Point- Cape Town
Highlights: Penguins, Cape Point, Chapman's peak drive, Table Mountain
Today we make our way to Cape Town, South Africa's Mother City. Today is the highlight of the trip as there are beautiful coastal views with twisting roads cut into the sea cliffs virtually all the way. We visit the old Navy town (Simonstown) and Bettys Bay to see African penguins living it up on the beach. After that, we make our way to Cape Point to see the spectacular Cape Peninsula.  Next up we ride the famous Chapman's peak drive past False Bay and then head over Signal hill into Cape Town, where we celebrate the end of an amazing tour at one of Cape Town’s best restaurants. What a ride!  T (B,L,D)

Ride over 200km of coastal roads

Day 33: End of Tour
Sadly your tour of South Africa has come to an end. We guarantee that you will take home loads of awesome photographs and fond memories of South Africa and the warm people you have met. Transfers will be arranged to the airport. (B)

2024 Pricing

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Price includes:

33 Days Motorcycle Rental
33 Nights’ Accommodation in 3-4 Star Lodges, hotels or Beach Bungalows
33 Breakfasts, 21 Lunches and 29 Dinners
Tour Guide on a Motorcycle
Back up vehicle to carry Luggage and a spare motorcycle with Driver
Qualified Paramedic Accompanying the group (Minimum of 5 Riders required*)
Activities are included as follows:Walking Tour of Stone Town, Zanzibar
One way flight from Zanzibar to Arusha
3 Day, 2 Night Safari into Ngorogoro Crater and Serengeti National Park- Luxury Tented camps
Tour of Malawian Fishing Village
Safari in South Luangwa National Park
Entrance to Victoria Falls View Site
Helicopter Flight Victoria Falls (The Flight of Angels)
Safari into Chobe National Park
Mokorokoro Safari on Okavango Panhandle
Safari into Etosha National Park
Quad Biking in Namibian Sand Dunes (Atv)
Entrance to Fish River Canyon
Tour Of Cape Point Peninsula
Transfers From Zanzibar International Airport in Zanzibar, Tanzania and to Cape Town International Airport at the end of the tour in South Africa
Bottled Water, Tea, coffee and Snacks
Detailed Guide Book
Map of Southern Africa
Sama T-shirt
This price does not include:

Petrol (Your local Payment will cover this)
Cross border and Visa fees (Your local Payment will cover this)
Domestic and International flights
Items of a personal nature
All items not mentioned in "Price includes"
All meals and drinks other than those specified in "Price includes"
All Entrance fees other than those specified in "Price includes"

Local Payment:
Local Payment for Couple: $2 500
Local Payment for Single Person: $1 750

What is the local Payment?
After years of travelling through Southern Africa- we found that our clients don’t like hidden costs. Therefore we have tried to make our tours as all-inclusive as possible. We include 90% of the meals, all the accommodation and enough activities and safaris to create life time memories.
Unfortunately when you have to deal with 6 or more border crossings- you end up paying a lot of money for cross border fees and visa’s which need to be paid for in cash. In most countries petrol can also only be paid for in cash, so we decided not include the petrol and cross border fees in the tour price. We have found its better for everybody to carry a small amount of money on them, than for our tour guides to carry around suitcases full of cash.
This local payment is the cash you should have on hand to cover the costs of the border crossings, visas, petrol and the 4 Dinners and 12 Lunches that we have not included in the tour price.

There is no need to bring the full amount with you on the first day and hand it to the tour guide- you can draw it out of ATM’s and swop money as you go along on the tour. Please note that in Africa Mastercard ois much more widley accepted than Visa Card- so try to bring a Mastercard credit card or debit card with you.

You will get a guide of how much is needed for each country and border crossing and the tourguide will point out atm’s and “Bureau de change’s” en-route


The F 750 GS is easy to handle and masters even rough terrain admirably.

853cc | 57 kW (77 hp) at 7,500 rpm |

Seat Height: 815mm
Low Version: 760mm
Low Seat: 790mm

Comes with:


The F 850 GS is ready for everything that may come its way. In particular on alternating terrain, it offers you safety and comfort with a variety of features – and plenty of riding enjoyment.

853cc | 70 kW (95 hp) at 8,250 rpm

Seat Height: 860mm
Low Version: 805mm
Low Seat: 835mm

Comes with:


Fast curve changes, gravel shooting up, endless tours: With the R 1250 GS, you decide what your adventure will look like. Its continuously optimised technology and extensive equipment will take you safely, dynamically and comfortably over any route.

1254cc |100 kW (136 HP) at 7,750 rpm

Seat Height: 850/870 mm
Low Version: 800/820mm
Low seat: 820/840mm

Comes with:

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This tour includes 33 Nights of 3-4 Star Accomodation

Every night you will have your own Private room with an ensuite bathroom. You can choose to share with your partner or another rider on the tour. Otherwise you can select our "Single Supplement" to get your own room throughout the tour.

All Accommodation has been handpicked by Sama Tours- we only use high-standard accommodation in good locations. We love African Lodges, Boutique Hotels and BnB's, or places that have a good atmosphere, exceptional staff, and all the modern amenities. 


Tour Difficulty


This tour is an “Expedition” and has some challenging aspects. We recommend only doing this tour if you are a seasoned rider. Conditions in Malawi and Tanzania can be rough with lots of traffic, potholes, and livestock on the road. You need to be a confident rider. We recommend being bike-fit as there are some longer days in the saddle (up to 8 hours of Riding) needed to cover over 8,000km Through Africa. However, rest days are scheduled regularly to give the tour a good balance. The border crossings can also be long and frustrating, so patience is key.

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