Discount on our Kilimanjaro to Cape Town Tour

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March 27, 2019
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Discount on our Kilimanjaro to Cape Town Tour

15%  Discount on our Kilimanjaro to Cape Town Tour 01 August- 05 September 2020

We are offering a Once in a lifetime Special of 15% Discount off our 35 Day Kilimanjaro to Cape Town Tour

About the Kilimanjaro to Cape Town Tour

This tour is the motorcycle adventure of a lifetime. Ride 8,600km from the highest point of Africa at Kilimanjaro to the Southern most tip of Africa at Cape Agulhas. Along the way you will ride through 6 African Countries including: Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa and Lesotho.

The top 10 Highlights along the way include:

  1. Live it up in Zanzibar

    Explore Africa’s famous spice island- birthplace of Freddie Mercury. Here you will enjoy crystal clear turquoise water, white sandy beaches- but that’s not all. The thing that sets Zanzibar above other beach destination is its fascinating Arabian culture.  On your included tour of Stone Town you will wander past Spice Bazars and fruit markets, enjoy local delicacies and drinks at a rooftop restaurant and relax (Cold beer in hand) overlooking the waterfront – watching ancient African Sail Boats drift by.

    The Sun sets over Zanzibar- African Sail boats floating in the Distance

  2. Safari into Ngorongoro Crater

    The famous Ngorongoro Crater was formed 2.5 Million years ago when the cone of an active volcano collapsed and formed a caldera that measures up 264 sqaure km’s wide  . The crater which formed is a natural haven for wildlife. Our Safari here takes us down 600metres the crater where all the wildlife is highly concentrated- in fact the crater floor is home has the densest populations of Lions in the world- making for one of the best Safaris in Africa!

    Safari into the Wild!

  3. Ride Lake Malawi

    Lake Malawi is known as the lake of Stars. On this tour we ride the entire length of the lake which is 560km long and 57 miles wide in some places. Along the way we will visit Malawian fishing villages and meet the fisherman who spend all night out fishing on the lake.

    Lake Malawi- The Lake of STARS

    Meet the Malawian Villagers

  4. See Leopards living in South Luangwa Park

    Did you know that South Luangwa Park has the highest concentration of Leopards in the world? In fact, they have 4 leopards per km squared. Normally leopards are quite elusive and difficult to spot- but not on this safari! We have two nights at South Luangwa Park to relax and enjoy the wildlife. When you are back at Camp- don’t be surprised when the resident wild elephants make their daily walk right past your chalet.

    Unbelievable Lion Sightings

  5. Fly High Over Victoria Falls

    The locals call Victoria Falls: “The Smoke that thunders” It is the widest waterfall in the world and the sheer volume of water that passes over the gorge creates a permanent cloud of mist. The helicopter flight over the falls  is called the “Flight of Angels” and is one of the many extras that are included in the Kilimanjaro to Cape Town Tour

  6. Visit the Makgadigadi Salt Pans in Botswana

    The shimmering salt pans of Makgadikgadi along with the Nxai Pans are believed to be the largest in the world. Most of the time they appear as glaring, white, endless plains. During the rainy season they are one of the most important wetland areas in Botswana – when they transform and come alive into stunning grass-plains. Our tour includes a safari out onto these incredible plains.

    Riding past elephants in Botswana

  7. Ride Bikers Paradise in South Africa

    Waterfalls? Check?
    Breath-taking View Sites? Check.
    Winding Roads that go forever? Check.
    Mpumalanga is an area known to Local bikers as “Riding Paradise” we spend 2 days on tour in this incredible area exploring mountain roads and beautiful stops along the Blyde River Canyon including the 3 Rondavel’s, Bourke’s Luck Potholes and Gods Window. This area is also home to the famous Kruger National park and we spend a morning on safari there, spotting the BIG 5

    Riding Mpumalanga

  8. Visit the famous Sani Pass and travel into Lesotho

    Sani Pass is an extremely remote gravel road that travels from South Africa into Lesotho. On tour we enjoy a drive up over this road into the mountainous country of Lesotho to Enjoy an Ice cold beer at the Highest Pub in Africa.  The Road is only 20km long but rises from 1500 to 3000metres high in the last 7km, making for a very exciting and steep mountain road with hair raising switchbacks. Don’t worry if you don’t ride Gravel roads, riding up is optional, and those that aren’t comfortable will enjoy the drive in a 4 x 4.

    Ride or take the 4×4 shuttle up the spectacular Sani Pass

  9. Ride Famous Route 62- South Africa’s Answer to Route 66

    Before our national road- the N2 was built- riding the Garden Route included riding on a small secondary road through the semi-arid desert and visiting quirky little towns and villages on the way. Since the highway was built most drivers miss this amazing part of our country- but not on our TOUR! On our epic adventure- we venture off the beaten path and explore Route 62- visiting Ronnies Sex Shop other interesting places along the way, as we meander through the Karroo Desert.

  10. Ride the Cape Ocean Roads

    Over 200km of beautiful Ocean roads await you as you ride into Cape Town. All along this route you have waves crashing below the road to your left and beautiful mountain cliffs towering above you on the right.  A major highlight is the Chapmans Peak road- an amazing road engineering fete- which hugs a near vertical mountain face about 200metres above the ocean below. This road and has won South Africa many prestigious Engineering awards

    Amazing Cape Roads, hugging the ocean and the mountains


Normal Pricing

  • Riding 1up sharing on an F700GS:  US$ 18,390
  • Riding 1up sharing on an F700GS:  US$ 19,220
  • Riding 1up sharing on an F800GS: US$ 18,700
  • Riding 1up sharing on an F850GS:  US$ 19,570
  • Riding 1up sharing on an R1200GS: US$ 19,570
  • Riding 1up sharing on an R1250GS:  US$ 20,650
  • Riding 1up sharing on an R1200GS ADV: US$ 20,300
  • Riding 1up sharing on an R1250GS ADV:  US$ 20,720
  • To bring a pillion, add: US$ 8,630
  • For Single supplement, add: US$ 1,790
  • Prices quoted in US DOLLARS


Pricing with 15% Discount

  • Riding 1up sharing on an F700GS:  US$ 15,630
  • Riding 1up sharing on an F700GS:  US$ 16,340
  • Riding 1up sharing on an F800GS: US$ 15,900
  • Riding 1up sharing on an F850GS:  US$ 16,630
  • Riding 1up sharing on an R1200GS: US$ 16,630
  • Riding 1up sharing on an R1250GS:  US$ 17,550
  • Riding 1up sharing on an R1200GS ADV: US$ 17,260
  • Riding 1up sharing on an R1250GS ADV:  US$ 17,610
  • To bring a pillion, add: US$ 7,340
  • For Single supplement, add: US$ 1,520
  • Prices quoted in US DOLLARS

Prices are based on sharing accommodation and quoted in United States Dollars US$. To convert to another currency, visit

Understanding the Pricing:
All prices are quoted per motorcycle based on riding 1 up and sharing accommodation. If you would like to bring a passenger add the “Pillion price” to the base price OR if you would like your own room, add the”Single Supplement” price to the base price to get your total.


The above pricing includes– Motorcycle Rental, all Accommodation, most meals, activities and safaris as listed in the Itinerary as well as a tour guide, paramedic (Up till South Africa) and Back Up vehicle. Does not include Flights, Visas, Petrol and items of a personal nature. Full list of inclusions and exclusions listed on: 

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