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Frequently Asked Questions

We are very lucky in South Africa as we have great weather and can ride all year long. In our Summer, Spring and Autumn we ride in South Africa itself- but if you would like to travel up into Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi or Tanzania then the best time to ride is our winter months of May- August. Have a look at our Tour Calendar and you will see that our tours are all scheduled to fit in with the best time of the year to ride in those locations, for example Our 18 Day Best South African Road trip Ever happens in Spring and Summer and our 22 Day Victoria Falls Tour happens in our winter.
Yes- our motorcycles are covered by full comprehensive insurance which covers you for theft, damage to the motorcycle and public liability. However the excess of this insurance is R20,000.00. Should you damage the motorcycle in any way- you will be liable up to R20,000.00. The excess for the motorcycle insurance is normally taken in the form of a credit card hold, which is reversed upon safe return of the motorcycle. If you damage something small like a light indicator we only charge you for the damaged part and not the entire deposit. You will be emailed a copy of the Damage Invoice.

Yes- South Africa is a safe destination for tourists. Statistically in the 15 Years that we have been running tours, we have never had any incidents of crime affecting our clients. Every week we have dozens of clients departing on guided and self-guided tours without any problems.

As with any place in the world, there is crime- but the crime in South Africa is localised to certain areas- such as the townships and big city centres- but we never go to these areas, so you will never get exposed to this crime. As long as you are street smart you will have an amazing time in South Africa and find that the South Africa people are friendly and welcoming

Tourism is a big industry in South Africa and tourists are really important for the economy and so we take extra good care of our visitors- with extra policing and security.

Sama Tours is based in Pretoria, South Africa. The best Airport to fly into is Johannesburg International Airport. We are located 45 minutes from the airport and offer free transfers to all our Guided and Self-Guided Tour clients and any motorcycle rentals over 10 days. A useful website to find flights is