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Touring to suit a
whole range of bikers

Self Guided Motorcycle Tours

We plan and book the tour for you. You will be supplied with a GPS and side panniers for your luggage. 24 hour back up support. Perfect for a solo biker or group of friends.

All of Our Self Guided Tours

We have 11 SELF-GUIDED TOURS to choose ranging from 3- 21 Days
On self guided motorcycle tours we supply you with a motorcycle, top box and panniers, maps, GPS Routes, accommodation vouchers, activity vouchers and a detailed guide book. Then you ride off into the sunset, just you, your motorcycle and wide-open South African roads. Even though you go alone, you have peace of mind knowing that Sama Tours is only a phone call away and we offer 24 Hour Back Up telephonic support. We will be there to help you in the case of a breakdown or any other unlikely event.